May 30

Are You Doing All You Can to Involve Patients’ Families?

Family participation is crucial for chiropractic patients. Studies have shown that families play a vital role in enhancing patients’ engagement in their care. When families are involved, they also assist with patients’ overall well-being, which encourages positive outcomes.

By involving your patient’s family in their care, you enable a more supportive environment and a holistic approach to health. This helps foster healing and promotes long-term health.

There are many different ways to bring family members into your care of patients. Try some of these methods:

  • Education and Communication – explaining the benefits of chiropractic care, treatment techniques, goals, and expected outcomes all help family members understand their roles in supporting your patient’s care plan.
  • Family History Assessment – gathering family medical histories can help you identify potential genetic or hereditary conditions that may impact your patient’s health. You’ll then be better equipped to develop care plans and preventive strategies.
  • Home Care and Lifestyle Recommendations -;when you provide families with practical advice on promoting a healthy lifestyle at home, such as guidance on exercise, nutrition, and stress management techniques, you foster a wellness-oriented environment for the entire family!
  • Supportive Resources – recommending resources such as books, websites, or support groups helps families enhance their understanding of chiropractic care and its benefits.
  • Family-Centered Events and Workshops – informational sessions specifically designed for families create a sense of community and facilitate knowledge sharing. Consider topics like family wellness, injury prevention, and maintaining spinal health.
  • Appointment Attendance – Encouraging family members to attend your patient’s care sessions promotes support and understanding. When you explain your methods and goals to family members, you help them to actively participate in patient progress.

One of the best ways to engage families in your patient’s care is to ensure that they attend your ROF! Having a spouse or other family member present for the ROF is a great way to build trust and understanding. If you haven’t seen Dr. Sawyer’s free webinar on Welcoming Family Members to the ROF, watch it here!

Membership in DC Trainings can help you create a practice you love. It includes valuable tools such as seminars, videos, documents, scripts, goals tracking, one-on-one help, and more. Join us here if you’re ready for stratospheric results! If you want to learn more, contact us here or register for Dr. Sawyer’s next free webinar!


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