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Future Seminars

The curriculum of DC Trainings revolves around 6 Modules, which are broken up into 8 "Weeks."

Each Module begins with a live Seminar and will focus on the curriculum for that upcoming Module.

During the following 8 weeks, Dr. Sawyer provides more details about each week’s topics and materials.

The curriculum is designed to be perpetual and revolving. Members may join at any time during the year. Upon becoming a member, you'll receive a complete class Binder with materials related to the current module. These materials are added to the binder until it contains all 6 Modules for the entire twelve months. Subsequent years' materials are intended to replace the previous year materials. We also provide two resources to help you quickly get up to speed:

  • Scott Notes

    Scott Notes contain our top-pick Materials from each Module and are exclusive to their respective Module.  For instance, the Scott Notes for Module 1, Team Development,  include an outline for the Chiropractic Assistant hiring process and a sample Employment Agreement. 

  • Skill Sets
    Skill Sets contain abbreviated Fast Tracks, designed to focus on the high points of each Module.  The Module 1, Team Management Skill Set includes demonstrations of a Team Accountability meeting and a performance evaluation.

Seminars take place approximately every 2 months and mark the beginning of each respective Module. 

Each practice is allowed to bring a maximum of 5 individuals to each Seminar.

Training Materials and Binder packets are provided during check-in.

Seminars include Continuing Education credits at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

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