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Modules are eight weeks long and focus on one overarching topic such as Lifetime Care or Team Development. Each week covers one subsection of the topic and includes materials designed to help you and your practice.

Below is what you can expect for a typical week as a DC Trainings member. Have questions? Give us a call at (831) 889-8033 for answers!

sample Module 

 Team Development

This module is a critical component, to bring your practice to the next level or simply energize existing staff.

First, use simple steps to seek out the best candidate. Next, add proven training templates to add skills and innate talent. Finally, enjoy peace of mind as your productive team gives you more time to focus on patients.

Weekly Topic

Final Interviews

  • Employment Agreement
  • Final Interview Test
  • Final Interview Test - Sample
  • Reference Questions
  • Reference Questions - Sample
  • Final Interviews - Intro
  • Guidelines for Wages
  • Training Interview - Demo
  • Final Interview - Demo
  • Final Interview Test - Demo

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