May 8

Do You KNOW Your New Patients Will Be Back For Their ROF?

Within the medical community, patient retention and follow-through is always a challenge. What can you as a chiropractor do to ensure that your new patients appear to hear your Report of Findings, and take those results seriously? Here are a few steps you can take to make that happen:

  • Be Timely: Studies have shown that 50% of patients who must wait more than a week for their ROF are unlikely to reappear! Schedule your diagnostic processes to ensure that each new patient has a care plan in place within a week.
  • Offer Interim Adjustments: Many patients are in significant pain by the time they reach you. If an immediate adjustment will help relieve their pain, see that they get one. It will help to reinforce the fact that you can help, and will ensure their engagement.
  • Be Clear About Expectations: Make sure your new patients understand the duration and frequency of care they’ll need to achieve results. Particularly if you provide an initial adjustment, be sure they understand that this single adjustment is not a cure! From your initial consultation, patients should understand the importance of following up with their care plan. 
  • …And Fees! Part of managing expectations is, of course, ensuring that new patients understand your billing process, including all copayments they’ll be required to make. Data suggests that patients who receive a clearly itemized list of charges are far more likely to make payments – even if their insurance rejects your billing.
  • Explain The Process: Communication and understanding are the keys to ensuring patient compliance. Explain the importance of each treatment session and how it contributes to their overall well-being. Provide information on subluxations, the cost of leaving them untreated, and how your care plan will provide resolution.  Always answer any questions or concerns your patient raises.
  • Use Reminders: Text messages, emails, or phone calls can all be employed to help patients remember appointments. Always schedule follow-up appointments before the patient leaves your office.
  • Provide Support: Resources such as exercises, stretches, and nutritional advice can help patients achieve better outcomes, and will keep them thinking about your care plan. Encourage patients to contact your office if they experience any discomfort or have questions about their care plan.
  • Monitor Progress: Monitoring patient progress is crucial!  Regular progress reports help patients see the improvements in their health and motivate them to continue their work with you.

Employing the above steps will greatly increase the rate at which your new patients maintain and follow up on their care plans and achieve real results. Embracing their care plan will enable patients to achieve better outcomes, improve their overall well-being, and strengthen their trust in your care.

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