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Do You Make the Best Use of Your CAs?

As you know, running a successful chiropractic practice requires a team effort, and your chiropractic assistants can help you more than you know -they can play a crucial role in helping with new patient examinations!

There are a number of ways that a chiropractic assistant can assist with new patient exams. For instance, your CA can help with:

  • Managing patient flow, taking medical histories and information about previous injuries or illnesses, and recording current symptoms and vital signs
  • Performing specific diagnostics such as range of motion, orthopedic, and neurological tests
  • Preparing the examination room and equipment, including setting up the adjustment table, ensuring that all necessary equipment is in working order, and preparing any necessary tools or materials needed
  • Putting patients at ease during new patient examinations, assisting those who may be nervous or anxious – especially if they have never received chiropractic care before
  • Answering any questions the patient may have and explaining the examination process in a clear and easy-to-understand manner

Having a competent chiropractic assistant can be incredibly beneficial for new patient examinations. Enabling your CAs to work directly with patients as much as possible helps them to learn more about the work you do. It also helps them create their own relationships with patients, establishing them as another source of trusted care at your clinic. New patients are far more likely to become long term patients if they feel a sense of caring and rapport with you and your team. By putting patients at ease, working with them, and creating a welcoming environment, your CA helps you improve patient satisfaction, and increases the likelihood of patients returning for future appointments.

Want more information on the best ways you can use your CAs? Watch Dr. Sawyer’s webinar on CA Examinations here!

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