June 5

Are You Making the BEST Use of Your CAs?

Your Chiropractic Assistants play a vital role in supporting your practice. They can handle all kinds of administrative and clinical tasks, but one area where their involvement can significantly benefit both you and your patients is in delivering Reports of Findings! 

Some chiropractors are reluctant to turn over ROF sessions to a CA. If you’re one of these, reconsider. There are a number of solid reasons your CAs should be taught how and used to deliver ROFs:

  • Having CAs deliver ROFs enhances efficiency and productivity in your practice. You have a limited amount of time to spend with each patient, and delivering ROFs is time-consuming. By training and empowering your CAs to deliver these reports, you can focus on providing direct patient care. 
  • CAs are knowledgeable sources of information who can effectively explain the findings of diagnostic tests, X-rays, or other assessments to patients. They work closely with you, observe patient assessments, and assist during adjustments, so they’re well-placed to handle patients’ questions and concerns about their conditions and care plans.
  • Your CAs have established rapport and trust with patients already, by interacting with them during visits, offering support, answering questions, and providing guidance. Delivering ROFs gives them the opportunity to build on that trust, and the established relationships mean a comfortable and open environment for patients. As this often leads to increased patient satisfaction and compliance, it’s an all-around win!
  • Enabling your CAs to expand their activities fosters professional growth and development within the profession. By increasing their scope of practice, CAs have the opportunity to develop their communication and patient education skills. This enhances job satisfaction, boosts confidence, and opens up avenues for career advancement.

Teaching your CAs to deliver Reports of Findings offers numerous benefits to you, your patients, and your CAs. By improving practice efficiency, aiding patient comprehension and trust, and promoting professional growth for CAs, it can really help your practice move to the next level. So don’t hesitate to leverage the knowledge and expertise of your CAs!

If you’re not sure how to teach ROF delivery to your CAs, consider joining DC Trainings. Membership will help you create a practice you’re excited to walk into, every day! You’ll get access to seminars, videos, documents, scripts, goal tracking tools, one-on-one help, and more. Join us here if you’re ready to build a practice you  love! If you want to learn more, contact us here or register for Dr. Sawyer’s next free webinar!


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